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Studer A800 Extender Cards

The Studer A800 - a peerless mainstay of the finest recording studios in the world. When it breaks, though, you'll find that the cost of repairs can get expensive fast.

Tracking down problems on an unpowered circuit is difficult at best, but it's impossible to service the Studer A800's cards while it's powered up.  That is, until now.

Endangered Audio Research presents the Studer A800 Extender Cards.  These extenders go between the machine and the card so that the card can be tested while the A800 is turned on.  

Not only will your tech thank you, but they'll pay for themselves in the first repair.

A broken A800 can bring a session to its knees, so get back up and running quick with the Studer A800 Extender Cards.

This set includes both a 64 pin card for the audio cards and the 96 pin card for the transport system cards.

These are available individually in our store.

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- High quality connectors

- Extender card length allows access to entire circuit 


-Sturdy, durable design

-Cost effective solution