The Endangered Audio Research EM201 LFO is a pingable waveshaping modulation source that transforms utility into creativity.

The EM201 voltage controlled low-frequency oscillator has an extended range that goes from 52 seconds to 185Hz.

The module features three waveforms: Triangle, Square, and Sine.  But coupled with the shape control and Mix output, you can dial in an infinite variety of waveshapes.

The Shape knob will move the Triangle wave through Saw, Triangle, and Reverse Saw waves. For Square, the Shape knob acts as a pulse-width modulation control.  The Sine wave responds to the Shape control by "leaning" forwards and backwards.

Each waveshape has its own attenuator, and all three are all summed into the Mix output, coming together to create unique and w shapes.

You can also mangle your LFOs even more with the Reset and Trigger CV inputs! 

Gate pulses at the Reset input restart the LFO from a point set by the Trigger CV input.  By fine-tuning the Trigger CV level, you can easily turn the EM201 into a looping envelope generator.

Finally, you can also add an external modulation source into the Mix output - perhaps even another Endangered Audio Research EM201!