The Endangered Audio Research SM203 is a featured-packed Sample & Hold module that is a one-stop-shop for all your random needs. 

The SM203's voltage controlled clock can be set with the Rate knob or an external voltage, and you can use the module's clock pulse output to sync the SM203 with other modules. The internal clock is normalled to the Sample & Hold circuit, saving you a patch cable.

The SM203 also includes both white and pink noise generators.  The Sample and Hold signal input is normalled to the pink noise, saving yet another patch cord if all you need is some random pitch or filter motion. Each noise generator also has its own attenuator for adjusting the maximum range of the random voltage output.

In addition to all that, the SM203 also has a Lag processor for adding portamento between samples. Go all the way from hard-stepping to slurred to positively lugubrious!

Between the knobs and jacks is a red-lit pushbutton switch that, when pushed, momentarily interrupts the clock signal, pausing the Sample & Hold.

The Hold gate input allows you to do the same momentary pause, but with control voltage. Use synced or phasing clock signals to get wild cross-modulation effects!

As if all that weren't enough, the light of the switch also acts as a tempo indicator for the clock controlling the Sample & Hold circuit.

The Endangered Audio Research SM203 is the most exciting Sample & Hold module to come along in years. In fact, it's not just a Sample & Hold module - it's a clock, two noise sources, and a lag processor all in one!